Saturday, March 16, 2013

Craft Recipe Saturday - Spring finial

So, today I'm going to give you a craft recipe. That's right, a recipe. It's not a tutorial, just a list of ingredients and some general, fairly nebulous directions. The recipe is for a spring decoration that you can put just about anywhere. It makes a great centerpiece, and could even be used as a cake topper, if you're the sort who likes making tiered cakes to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

- 1 empty spool of wide ribbon
- 2 wooden skewers
- various craft papers, old dictionary pages, etc
- 1 piece vellum
- ribbon, tulle, or lace scraps
- crepe streamers
- votive candle holder
- misc floral decorations
- small animal figurine

Directions: Glue decorative paper, ribbon, and lace scraps around the center of the empty spool. Use vellum to make a folded paper medallion. Glue medallion to bottom of spool. Cut a flat circle base and glue to bottom of medallion ( I also added tulle between my medallion and base).
Glue votive holder to top of spool. Decorate any viewable part of the spool top. Stick skewers into spool and twine floral accents, ribbon, wire, etc up the skewer. String ribbon or floral wire between the two skewers (this keeps them from tilting all over the place).
Attach figurine and flowers to front.
 Last, to make the banner, take a 2" strip of scrapbook paper and fold in half longways. Cut into 1/2" wide strips, then cut the points on the opposite side of the fold. Add your letters. Then place the folded part over the string that connects your two skewers and glue the two sides together.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I never get anything I want

Conversation between myself and TheHusband the other day.

I'm actually more concerned with why he thinks they don't make paper towels anymore.