Monday, January 21, 2013

Even baby boys like potty humor

My son is about six and a half months old now, and developing his own unique sense of humor. Unfortunately, so far, his sense of humor seems to be centered entirely around his crotch. Ahh, boys and potty humor. Apparently, it's an inborn characteristic.

Exhibit A: He now giggles whenever I do a "sniff check" of his diaper. It's not really a full-fledged laugh, more like a knowing chuckle, as though he is saying. "Yeah, see what I did there? That was just gas! I made you bury your nose in my crotch. There's no poop here. But go ahead and sniff, it entertains me."

Exhibit B: Before we get to Exhibit B, I need to give you some background. He has not once let free with the pee during diaper changes since he was maybe six weeks old. He's been very considerate, and I (like a foolish fool) assumed that I was relatively safe from the surprise stream. But the other day, I got careless. I left things to air out for a bit too long, and by the time I was reaching for a fresh diaper to put on his little baby buns, he surprised both of us by turning on the wee-fountain. Time slowed, and I watched with an odd clarity as not-water splashed onto my arm. He and I both blinked in surprise, then I sprung into action, and tossed the diaper over the offending arc. He, meanwhile, burst into gales of full-fledged baby laughter. For a good minute. And I washed my arm off in the sink.

I had always assumed that little boys developed their love of potty humor by socialization, after hanging out with other little boys and giggling while saying words like "poo" and "doody" over and over until their parents made them play the game of 'who can stay quiet the longest'. And I'm sure that still happens, too.

But a word of warning to those of you who are still reading: the male appreciation of potty humor starts much earlier. Little boys are probably born with it. Okay, maybe not all of them, but mine was, at least. And the funniest part? It's growing on me. Maybe it's the way he chuckles any time my nose comes within three inches of his knees. Maybe it's the fact that I think it's kind of ridiculous, too. Whatever it is, I imagine it will one day lead to me giggling uncontrollably when someone says "duties".

Heh heh....doodies.

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